Strange 9" Pro Spool

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Strange Pro Series Lightweight Steel Spool
Fits Ford 9" with 35 Spline Axles
Requires 3.250" Bore Aftermarket Case

Part Number: D1555

Ford 9″


Pro Series Spool
For 35 spline axles
Fits 3.250″ bore aftermarket case


• Machined from 8620 forged steel
• Lightened to reduce rotating weight
• Broached 35 spline with 30° pressure angle
• Same spline locations as OEM differential
• Critical dimensions left oversize prior to heat treatment
• Heat treated for further gains in strength
• Finish machining after heat treat to bring surfaces within specifications
• Designed and machined by Strange Engineering
• Forged in the USA

Weighs 8.20 lbs