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What makes this mag drive so unique is that it has a universal joint inside allowing the head of the drive to be angled over ten degrees to provide clearance in the event of having to remove a cylinder head between rounds.

The housing is made from billet 7075 alum. to provide superior strength against the dreaded tire shake and will hold the biggest magnetos with no problems. Oil pump shaft is made from a centerless ground 300m billet steel material and the shaft diameter is .984" between the bronze gear and mag base to prevent shaft twisting allowing timing spikes.

Billet alum. housing is O-ringed to prevent oil leaks and the mag drive uses a contained thrust baering to control gear movement allowing the use of different engine blocks and not causing any problems. This drive also has one more unique feature and it is the four jaw lovejoy magneto coupler. It has four locating tangs that interlock into one another creating a perfect fit with a hytrel bushing between the two allowing minimal impact to the pulsing magneto.

This drive fits all KB, BAE, JP-1, Indy and Mopar steel or alum. blocks raised cam or standard cam location and fits all MSD or Mallory magnetos.

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