FuelTech EGT-8 CAN Module

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  • 8 channel conditioner for Type K thermocouples with CAN communication to FT600 / FT550 / FT500 / FT500LITE / FT450, that can be used to read EGT, oil, air, water temperature, CHT or any other temperature with thermocouple
  • The 8 channels can be used for different kind of readings. For example, 4 channels to EGT, 1 channel after the turbine, 2 channels for the intercooler and 1 channel for the oil temperature
  • The EGT-8 CAN is an input channel expansion module when used with an FT600 / FT550 / FT500 / FT500LITE / FT450 for temperature sensors, freeing up the analog inputs for other sensors
  • Can be ordered in a (B) version if you are running two EGT-8s on one setup.