Braille Battery Charger

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Braille race car battery charger.

Braille Part #:1636L

The Braille Electronic Battery Charger is a safe reliable way to extend the life of your Braille Battery or any battery! These battery chargers will not void the warranty as they are designed to lengthen the life of Braille Batteries and they are safe for maintaining the batteries charge during long term storage!

Charger Features:

  • Designed for High Charge Acceptance
  • Quick Disconnects specifically designed for Braille Batteries
  • Alligator Style Clips for easy use with any 12 volt battery
  • Easy to use and set up 3 LED system for charging status updates
  • Reverse Polarity Protection - "idiot proof"
  • Will Not Void Braille Battery Warranty!
  • Safe for Dry Cell, AGM, Gel and Flooded Lead-Acid Batteries