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The BigStuff3 GEN3 PRO SEFI system is the fi rst
programmable “powertrain” control module for
“today’s” SEFI, Coil-on-Plug (COP) engines and
electronic controlled transmissions. The GEN3 PRO
SEFI system offers many unique features that sets it
apart from the competition. Features such as dual
“Wide Band Oxygen” (WB02) air/fuel ratio control,
individual cylinder & spark compensation and onboard data acquisition are just the beginning!
The dual WBO2 functionality eliminates “left and
right bank” base engine and transient fuel calibration
guess work by providing accurate and consistent
air/fuel ratio control (9.5:1 to 15.9:1). The individual
cylinder fuel and spark compensation allows intake
manifold ineffi ciencies to be “calibrated out”. The
on-board data acquisition feature allows selected
powertrain management variables to be recorded
in real-time as fast as 50 times a second, with 10-bit
resolution, for up to 5.5 minutes. Once recorded, the
data can be analyzed off-line with the BigComm
software. These features, along with many others,
make the GEN3 PRO SEFI system “the most”
technologically advanced, cost effective SEFI
powertrain management system on the market.
The GEN3 PRO SEFI system includes:
– A Powertrain Control Module (PCM)
– Main Wire Harness (MWH)
– Injector Wire Harness (IWH)
– (2) WBO2 sensors
– BigComm Windows compatible calibration software
– 5' serial communication cable
The intuitive BigComm software enables real-time
calibration and measurement of all engine management control variables via a serial PC link. The GEN3
PRO SEFI electronics are housed in a black powder
coated aluminum extruded enclosure with integrated
rubber isolator mounting provisions. The aesthetically
pleasing, nylon braided, MWH and IWH use OEM
style Packard and TYCO terminals and connectors.
Gold plated terminals are used for the (2) 6-way
MWH-to-WBO2 connections.
The GEN3 PRO SEFI system is compatible with most
GM style EFI sensors and actuators. The GEN3 PRO
SEFI ECM can be “software confi gured” to be compatible with many OEM and aftermarket electronic
and inductive pick-up (IPU) ignition systems
■ Sequential fuel control for 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 and 16 cylinders
■ Capable of driving 16 low impedance injectors – Staged!
■ Dual wide band O2 sensors for individual bank, closed loop fuel control
■ 128k RAM for internal data logging – 40 user selectable channels, 10bit resolution, 50Hz acquisition rate
■ Capable of driving smart and dumb Coil On Plug (COP) ignitions with stock sensors (LS1, Mod 4.6L) with
current feedback and tach output
■ Individual cylinder fuel and timing control
■ Injector phasing, at the start or end of injection event
■ Programmable “peak and hold” injectors drivers with current chopping
■ Software configurable ignition interface (GM HEI, Ford TFI, LT1, V6 DIS, IPU)
■ GM or Ford IAC control
■ Controls GM 4L80E/4L60E transmission (optional)
■ V10 Viper version coming soon!
■ Additional data logging capabilities:
– Fuel pressure – A/C on – Turbo shaft RPM
– Drive shaft RPM – Input shaft RPM – MPH
– Clutch or trans brake input – Brake pedal – TCC % Slip
■ Auxiliary control of:
– Fuel Pump – 2 spare high side & low side outputs
– Torque converter clutch – 1 spare PWM high side & low side output
– 2 or 3 stage boost control – Reverse lockout
– Fan low – Fan high
■ Configurable Load & RPM axis to enable optimization in desired range
■ Improved EMI algorithms
■ True Speed-Density algorithm allows for easier tuning
■ Closed loop PID WBO2 heater control to insure accurate AFR control
■ Self learning capabilities
■ Improved transient fueling algorithms
■ 1, 2, 3 & 5 BAR MAP sensor compatible
■ Seamless decel fuel cut-off


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