16V Braille Battery

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Voltage: 16 Volts
Full Charge Range: 17.4 - 17.6 Volts
Pulse Crank Amps @ 80F: 950
Nominal Capacity (C/5 rate): 25 AH
Lead-Acid Equivalent Capacity: 75 Lithium AH (LAH)
Life Cycle @ 80% DOD: Up to 1000 cycles
Life Cycle @ 10% DOD: Up to 5000 cycles

Unique Features: Horizontal and Vertical Mounting, Low Voltage Cut Off, Braille Power Button
BCI Group: Same Length as Group 34 and Group 24
Length: 11.5"
Width: 3.25"
Height: 6"
Minimum Weight (lbs): Under 8 lbs/ 3.6kg
Post Type: Brass Reinforced 3/8" Studs with Nuts.
Recommended Mounting: Secure Mounting with vibration padding on all contact surfaces.

Required charger information:
Standard Charging - Braille 2 amp Lithium Charger #1632L
Rapid Charging - Braille 10 amp Lithium Charger #16310L
Alternator: Automotive, Marine and Cycle Compatible
Maximum Charge Voltage @ 70F: Up to 20.5 Volts
Full Charge Voltage: 18.25 Volts